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Parking Programs

Lists in Alphabetical Order 
  • AFD – AdSense for Domains is a domain parking program from Google. Templates are plain with many less features than other parking companies. You must have or open an AdSense account to use. Google inserts a “No Index / No Follow” meta tag on your pages. Read our Review of AFD.
  • Bodis - Bodis has released one click landing templates, a Google advertising feed and many other features. Read our Review of Bodis.
  • DDC – DDC or the Domain Development Corporation has excellent landing pages and competitive earnings per click. Accepts adult names. Feed: Yahoo/Bing. Can be difficult to be approved.
  • - is a UK based company but there are no country restrictions. Good templates and you can add content and meta tags. Accepts adult names. Feed: Yahoo/Bing. Slow customer service and payments. Not Recommended
  • Domain Sponsor – Good for financial related domain names. Can be difficult to be approved. Accepts adult names. Customer support is not good. Feed: Google.
  • Fabulous - High earnings per click. Excellent selection of parking templates and landing pages. Fabulous also offers wholesale domain registrations to parking/monetization customers. Names registered at Fabulous can be sold at and through the Domain Distribution Network. Requirements – Domain portfolio must generate US $750+ per month or you must transfer 750+ domains to Fabulous. Read our Review of Fabulous.
  • Incomate – Monetize your gambling domain names. Gambling domains can produce high income. Incomate will customize your designs, landers or layouts for you to get the most revenue from your gambling domains.
  • iMonetize - Park your domain names with over 10 domain parking companies and increase your revenue. Domain auction for selling domain names. Slow payments and poor customer service. Not Recommended
  • GoDaddy - GoDaddy Cash Parking does not require a minimum amount of domain names but it does require a monthly subscription to use. With so many free parking options available it does not make sense to pay money to park your domain names at GoDaddy. If you are currently using this GoDaddy’s parking service your will see an improvement in revenue if you move them to another parking company. Not Recommended.
  • HotKeys – Customizable templates good for search engine optimization. Operated by Enom. Slow payments. Not Recommended
  • IMoDo - A new parking program started by two top domainers. The IMoDo platform is currently not available to US and Canada traffic. Uses a Yahoo/Bing advertising feed. Not Recommended
  • NameDrive - NameDrive gets you up and running right away. No approval or minimum number of domain names required. Good template selection and one-click landing pages. Just set they keyword.  Feed: Google. Read our Review of Name Drive.
  • Parked - Parked is our highest rated parking company because they pay the most for your domain traffic. Largest selection of templates. You can add custom content to the parking templates. Bulk modify your names. Customer service is excellent. Parked pays pays twice a month. Parked requires 10 domain names but submit your entire portfolio to be accepted. Adult names allowed. Feed: Yahoo/Bing. Read our Review of Parked.
  • Revenue Driver – A parking company based in Rome started in June 2009. Impressive templates, 80% revenue share, stats updated every 24 hours, Yahoo/Bing advertising feed and secondary feed for international traffic. Currently accepting traffic from Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden. Stage two will include US traffic.
  • Sedo - No approval is required. Sedo is a good place to sell names. RevenueDirect is now part of Sedo. Sedo accepts adult names. Feed: Google. Read our Review of Sedo.
  • Sedo Pro – To be accepted in Sedo Pro you need an endorsement code from an existing SedoPro member or a high quality portfolio. The criteria for joining is owning at least 200 domains or $200+ per month in PPC revenue. Receive up to 30% bonus depending on your domain names. Sedo accepts adult names. Feed: Google.
  • Skenzo - Skenzo is only open to large domain portfolio holders. Allows adult names.
  • Smart Name Domain parking, shopping and eCommerce sites. Many domainers are moving their names to SmartName and seeing significant improvements in earnings using SmartName’s Ecomm or Shopping Site template. Read our Review of SmartName.
  • Traffic Z - High paying clicks. Easy to manage and monetize your domain portfolio. Add custom text, meta tags, titles and descriptions. Must have 100 domains or high quality domain names to be approved. TrafficZ accepts adult names. Feed: Yahoo/Bing. Read our Review of TrafficZ.

Try parking your domain names at one provider for at least one month, this gives you a good base in which you can compare stats to. Compare different feed providers – most use Yahoo which is now run by Bing or Google advertising feeds. After testing different providers, compare stats on a your domains then move them to the provider that performed best for each.

List of More Domain Parking Companies