The New Domain Extensions – Another ploy to get your cash

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Well here we go again! The new domain get rich quick ploy. It is amazing to me that anyone with $185,000 and a good lawyer can apply to get their own domain name extension. That’s great if you hundreds of millions of dollars to build brand awareness in the years after receiving the approval. The only business that will benefit from this is ICANN.

If I remember correctly, ICANN is supposed to manage the system, not become an extremely wealthy organization. Each time you register a domain name, you pay an ICANN fee. I don’t mind paying a fee if the money is used properly built the new domain extension is nothing more than a ploy to make ICANN rich.

If this were a true benefit to the Internet than why have extensions such as .biz and travel worked? They have not been popular because businesses know that having their name or names in .com, .net or .org are industry bedrocks.

Anyone with a new extension will have to convince people that new extensions are a benefit to their business or efforts. Asking people to change from 25-years of .com to another extension is going to be almost impossible. In my opinion, this is going to be a land rush and when the concept slows down or fails, extension owners will be selling these extensions at a fraction of what they paid.

Again, sticky with 25-years of marketing for the popular three is a safer bet to me. As for ICANN, shame on you… work on things that make the DNS system more stable and safer. My guess is money will trump the common good though and I will watch your organization grow to be filthy rich while we pay for it.


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