ICANN to Reveal Proposed Domain Names June 13

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Those anxiously waiting to find out what new names may be introduced to the Internet’s domain name system will finally find out on June 13.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the nonprofit group that manages the domain name system,unveiled a new timeline related to its controversial new domain name program late on Tuesday.

The program, launched in January, allows for the introduction of an unlimited number of new Internet addresses to compete with the 22 existing names such as .com and .org. The deadline for applying to operate a new domain name ends Wednesday evening.

When ICANN releases the list of proposed names, governments can begin raising objections to any domain name extensions that may conflict with geographic names or spark other concerns. The public also will have about two months to comment on the proposed names.

ICANN won’t begin evaluating the applications until July 12. The group will be looking to see if those who applied for the new extensions have the technical and financial means to operate an Internet address.

ICANN’s timeline was pushed back by a technical glitch that forced the group to shut down its application database in April for about a month.

“We’ve been disappointed with the delay and the technical problems so far, and hope that ICANN can stick to the timeline it has laid out,” Josh Bourne, president of the Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse, said in a statement. His group has been critical of the new domain name program and has called for greater protections for trademark holders and consumers.


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