The war on generic domain names is real and their coming for you!

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Generic domain names, the domain names we all strive to register and sell for a large profit. Generic domain names are the most sought after domain names in the world. Names like, and other words we all know do well in business and marketing.
Unfortunately, there is a silent war going on against the generic domain name owner these days. If you think you’re safe because the word is in the dictionary or it is a common word, you could not be more wrong. As Michael Berkens wrote in his blog post,, & Become Latest Target of A UDRP, generic domain names are now the new village for the evildoers to conquer.

Companies and trademark owners are using UDRP as the tool of choose to acquire your valuable generic domain names without due process. Theoretically, it is a large dollar company using their influence and money to wrangle generic domain names out of your account into theirs.

As a domain investor myself for 15-years, I have decided to sell my generic domain names and invest in development and sales of websites under less generic domain names. The timit is right to sell while prices are still fair and forego fighting any future UDRP actions. Believe me, companies have figured out how to take your domain names and they are just getting started.

However, if you choose to play the UDRP game, my suggestion is to respond with as much detail and justification as possible. Most domain name owners turn the domain name over without responding assuming they will lose. This is not true…  Fighting back is never wrong and waging a response that even you would find convincing is the best course of action.

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