If it isn’t .com, it isn’t squat

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Why .com is recession proof and a sure bet!

by: Bruce Tedeschi

Looking at the parade of new extensions that have been launched over the years such as .xxx, .mobi, .co. and several other extensions that had an initial launch registration rush and now not even a mention. So why do we continue to invest in extensions that will never be a mainstream extension that will be a strong resale property or a popular business extension? Simply put, we think this one, this time, just may work.

Look at the number of dollars we have spent on these extensions only to let them expire the following year because they could not be sold. The thinking is that .com domain names are out of reach. That most of the .com names are gone and that any chance of making money on them is non-existent because they just aren’t available.

Nothing can be farther from the truth. I find expired and available domain names in the .com extension everyday. I would rather spend my $9 registration fee on a .com no matter how bad I think it is rather than register a junk extension.

Believe me, I have invested in these junk extensions only to lose my money. So if you spend a minimum of $2-5 thousand dollars a year on domain registrations, buy one .com domain name of value and spend you money developing it. Selling a developed .com domain name yields you a far greater profit than a simple domain flip.

We are entering a new era of the Internet and the domain name industry. Invest wisely, .com endures no matter what the state of the economy or word combination. Investing in names such as .xxx is costly and yields penny clicks for parking. Be smart, invest in .com only. If it takes hundreds of hours to find a decent .com, then spend the time. Isn’t it better to get a return for your time and money instead of spending money only to see it expire one year later? It is like throwing your money in the garbage and then emptying the garbage the next year.

Trash is trash and .com is cash. Look at the best in the business who have made millions. They made their millions on .com domain names, not low quality and obscure extensions.


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