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by: Bruce Tedeschi
Sept. 1 2011

Have you tried to email businesses that are in the field in which your domain name refers too? A name like where anyone performing marketing might go to find tools they can use to improve their efforts. Rather than emailing or calling every marketer you can find, seek out the advertising and marketing companies that provide the consulting or tools for marketers and sell to them.

They are the source and should be your customer target. If you liken it to trying to sell a product to a store, you would have to sell to many stores to make a profit. If you sell to the suppliers of that store, you sell more with less effort.

There are millions of advertising and marketing companies that operate in this real everyday. Selling domain names to these companies is easier and they want to talk with you. They GET IT!

If you simply search for terms such as “Large U.S. Marketing Companies” etc., you can see who is in the big leagues. Simply contact them and ask for the Internet Marketing strategists. If your names are not generic, don’t present them. Submitting junk names to these folks immediately says that you are not a quality broker.

Present only your best and be prepared to set prices. Don’t say “Make me an offer”. You could lose thousands of dollars by doing that. Set a price and live with it. Remember, sell a lot most of the time instead of selling a name some of the time. Make money slowly and with precision.

I have been at this for years and I tell you, you must be professional and have quality product at B2B prices.

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